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On Demand Golf

Start building your clientele today!

Embrace a game-changing opportunity with On Demand Golf to escalate your career and amplify your clientele. Our app strategically bridges the gap between you and a vibrant community of golf enthusiasts, seeking superior, on-demand golf lessons in your area.

On Demand Golf empowers you with unparalleled flexibility. Set your own timetable, control your client influx, and teach on your own terms. You're not just an instructor here; you're part of a dynamic network of like-minded professionals, with access to exclusive benefits, deals, and discounts to nourish your growth.

With On Demand Golf, we streamline your workflow by handling all the scheduling and payment intricacies. Your sole focus? Doing what you excel at - imparting golf wisdom.

Don't delay - propel your career to unprecedented heights. Join the On Demand Golf community today, and redefine the limits of your golf-teaching journey."


How to become an Instructor!

Set your teaching career in full swing with On Demand Golf, your stepping stone to expanding your professional horizon. Our platform is the nexus between you and eager golf students in your locality, primed for top-tier, on-demand lessons.

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Enrolling with On Demand Golf is a breeze. Simply provide your phone number for a quick verification, select your preferred teaching location, and upload your teaching certification. With these easy steps, you're on your way to connecting with a thriving community of golf enthusiasts. With On Demand Golf, we make the journey from sign-up to first lesson as swift and straightforward as possible.

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Select Availability

At On Demand Golf, you're in the driver's seat. Determine your working hours and choose your location(s) of instruction. With the flexibility to store multiple teaching sites and specify your daily start and end times, you can personalize your teaching experience. Plus, receive prompt notifications whenever a new client is in search of a lesson. With On Demand Golf, the power to shape your teaching schedule is entirely in your hands.

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Get the Payouts

Stay confident knowing we prioritize your security and convenience. Utilizing Stripe, the industry-leading digital payment platform, we safeguard your information and ensure efficient transaction processing. You can expect swift payouts, typically within 48 hours of lesson completion. With On Demand Golf, your peace of mind is guaranteed as you reap the benefits of your teaching prowess

Other top features

Joining us as an instructor reveals a cache of exclusive advantages. As an On Demand Golf PRO instructor, you are welcomed into a world of abundant PERKS, enriching your teaching journey beyond the green. Step into the distinguished realm of golf instruction with On Demand Golf, where we salute your expertise with unparalleled rewards and opportunities!"



As an On Demand Golf instructor, you'll receive real-time notifications each time a user in your area is seeking a lesson. This immediate alert system not only keeps you in the loop but also presents countless opportunities to expand your clientele. Embrace the chance to continually build and grow your network, cultivating a diverse, dynamic portfolio of students with On Demand Golf."

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Rate and Review

Build trust and transparency with the On Demand Golf community! As an instructor, your lesson reviews become a beacon for potential students, showcasing your teaching proficiency and style. You also have the power to leave reviews for each lesson given, creating a dynamic feedback loop that helps you fine-tune your teaching approach.


Fast Payments

Once your lesson is secured, unlock a direct line of communication with your instructor right within the app! Enjoy one-on-one interactions, where you can discuss strategies, ask questions, or get clarifications. With On Demand Golf, we ensure that your learning is personalized, accessible, and deeply engaging

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